Tracking the Junior Iditarod 5

I’m tracking the Junior Iditarod as the lead switches many times.    You can follow along here.  There are maps that update how the junior mushers are doing. Each racer is carrying a GPS for tracking. Each musher can have ten dogs. The top prize is a scholarship, two tickets to Nome to watch the finish of the Iditarod.

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5 thoughts on “Tracking the Junior Iditarod

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    Clara LaRock

    Hi Ashly,This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Awsome how did you go and create a blog?I want to.Its sooo cool that you have a blog that everyone can see.Rock on, Love,C.J.L. aka Clara Joy LaRock

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    Hi Ashley! you did a great job on your blog! its lots of fun to read!!!! i think it needs more pictures like some of the husky puppy’s, (every one likes seeing those!) and were is a picture of Rosco? lol It was so fun getting to chat with you the other day when i stopped in to visit! you are a chatter box just like me. think your mom and dad are going to have to learn to talk faster to keep up with us huh!! lol well i have a guy comeing over to help me put in my driveway with some heavy equipment so i better run, tell you mom,dad sisters and brother i said hi k! love you, your unk.